An Event Not to be Missed!

Caroline and Matt July.jpg

Caroline Lucas (our local Green Heroine) will be in conversation with Matt Haig, best-selling author of Notes on a Nervous Planet, at St George’s Church on 5th July.

“A fast, nervous planet is creating fast and nervous lives. We are more connected, yet feel more alone. We are encouraged to worry about everything from world politics to our body mass index.”

In this burnt out world, it’s hard not to feel worried and stressed about climate change. Eco-anxiety is a well practised phrase, with politics and mental health going hand in hand. Matt Haig explains how the world we now live in contributes to our anxiety and thus our mental health.

Do we feel like we’re doing enough? How do we get our voices heard in this era of fake news? And how do we deliver on the Green Party vision for a confident and caring country, where mental health is given the same space and attention as physical health?

The evening chat provides the opportunity to listen and share how we are feeling and hopefully will present an honest, human guide on how to cope with the world.

Phew – just what’s needed in this crazy world!