If you want to dip your toe and see how it feels -come to a taster throwing session.  Now we’ve all experienced the Great Pottery Throw Down – we all want a go! We use electric wheels – if you drive a car then you are used to the accelerator – it’s that simple!  Whether you are alone, celebrating an anniversary or team building with colleagues – we all want to capture that Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze “Ghost” moment!

Taster Throwing Sessions - £30 for adults and children (strictly 12yrs+).

This includes all materials & returning 2 weeks later to paint your thrown pot - available any day except Saturday and should be booked within one month of your visit




Step 1 - Our studio assistants will explain the main points of working on the wheel and will demonstrate how to throw a pot. Then it’s your turn.   They will continue to support you as you work the wheel.

Step 2 – You will have 2 balls of clay to work with.  If you are in a group you can take it in turns and learn from each other. We aim to have at least one good pot to be proud of by the end of your session!

Step 3 -  Choose which pot you would like to keep. Make sure you have written your name and the date on your ticket.  We will scratch these details, on the base, when the pot has dried off. Your pots will take up to 2 weeks to fire, ready for decoration.

Step 4 -  Return to paint your pot 2 weeks later and then we will glaze and fire them again ready for collection a couple of days later. If you can’t get back to paint them we can glaze and post them to you.

Throwing packages for groups:

Taster Throwing for a groups of 6 –10 people - £27.50 per person

The session lasts from 1 – 2 hours depending on the number of people. You can then return after 2 weeks to decorate them or have them clear glazed.

Taster Throwing plus painting a mug or a bowl for groups of 6+ - £35 per person

The session lasts from 2-3 hours depending on the number of people. Each person takes it in turns to have a ball of clay and have a go on the wheel.  The others then choose a mug or a bowl to decorate.  The thrown pots are clear glazed and fired and ready to collect 2 weeks later.

Taster Throwing Times

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 2:30pm

Saturdays at 10:30am

Sundays at 11:00am.

Group Sessions – please speak to a member of staff to find the best time for you.


Please be aware that sometimes clay fired items can break or at worse explode in the kiln.  We try to control for these events but it is not always possible.  It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics.  If you have lost your pot in the kiln in this way we will offer you a spare as a replacement.

For bookings please complete the form below.

It's best to book As early as possible as these sessions do tend to book up. IF YOU are trying to BOOKING FOR TODAY, YOU MAY WISH TO CALL THE SHOP INSTEAD ON 01273 628 952.

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