Painting Workshop Evenings

Our painting workshops run just 4 times a year, each one teaching you new, more in-depth painting techniques with the help of our skilled studio assistants. The workshops are perfect for beginners and up, and no previous painting experience is required to come out of these sessions with something truly lovely and unique!

painting workshops - mug on a mug BANNER.jpg

Or should we say your favourite mug on a mug? On the 7th February, come along with your favourite person, and choose a mug to paint their face onto! 

Our studio assistants will show you techniques on how to capture and express your model’s personality to help you create the perfect personalised pre-Valentine’s or Galentine’s present exchange. 

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, lovers, or family this month, you’re guaranteed to have fun mug-loads of fun!

And as always, we have a BYOB policy.

Your mugs will be ready to collect 7 days later, or can be posted to you for an added fee.


Want to buy a ticket or two? You can buy your tickets on Eventbrite here, pop into the shop, or give us a call on 01273 628 952.

To enquire about reserving a space, fill out the form below.

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Glazing and firing your painted pottery

We try our best to ensure that the creative journey you take with us is fun and enjoyable. The final part of the journey involves the glazing and firing of your pottery. Sadly this is not an exact science and the kiln is sometimes unpredictable. While we strive for perfection it doesn’t happen all the time, particularly as these are hand-produced crafts. 
Glaze spotting can occur as well as things like brick dust on the items. Please be aware that although we try to control for these events it is not always possible. It can be the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. Sometimes, if we feel it is safe to do so, we will re-fire the pottery to try to fix glazing issues. In the unlikely event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln we will of course offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher.