How it works

Welcome to The Painting Pottery Café

If you are alone or in a group, a babe in arms or a grandparent entertaining the family, all are welcome! And you don't need to be an artist. We have studio assistants on hand to show you how things work.




You can choose from over 200 different pottery items ranging in price from £15 - £45.  Most items are between £15- £20.  

There is a studio fee of £5 per person to cover glazing and firing.  

So for just £25 you can spend a fun couple of creative hours painting a mug, a plate or a bowl. And the special bit – you can collect it a couple of days later to give as a gift or have as a prized possession at home!

It’s a good idea to book, especially during school holidays and weekends. We can sit up to 60 people so there is usually room for everyone.


Advisable Booking Times


10.30am or 11am
1.30pm or 2pm
3.30pm or 4pm

We advise allowing 1hr of painting time for children and 2hrs for adults.


We are also open until 9:30pm on the first Thursday of the month. Booking essential.

We welcome bookings for groups of 10+ for other weeknights. Prices start from £200.



What to expect:


Step 1 – Choose your pottery from our wide selection from tableware to skulls, fairies and dragons.

Step 2 -  Choose your design from our library of images and books.  You can bring your own too – just think about the size.  

Feeling a bit nervous? You can trace your design using carbon paper.  All of these marks as well as pencil disappear in the kiln. We'll give you a full demonstration of painting tips and tricks before you start painting.


Step 3 – Start painting!  We have over 20 colours to choose from.  These are water based and non-toxic paints.  Painting it once provides a watercolour effect, painting 3 times gives you bold opaque colours. We usually allow up to 2 hours for painting.  If you think you will be longer let us know when you book.  Or you can always return another day to finish your piece, just pay a £2.50 continuation fee.

Step 4 - Leave it with us to glaze and fire. You items will be ready a couple of days later or at an agreed time. Just visiting? We can post your items to you for an extra fee. Pricing is generally £5-15 to the UK or £13+ to Europe.


* If  you can’t wait that long, decorative items can be painted with acrylic paints and taken home on the same day. These would be purely for decorative purposes and do not have the same finish to them as a glazed item.

Let us know at your time of booking if this is your choice.

Glazing and firing your painted pottery.

We try our best to ensure that the creative journey you take with us is fun and enjoyable.  The final part of the journey involves the glazing and firing of your pottery.  Sadly this is not an exact science and the kiln is sometimes unpredictable.  While we strive for perfection it doesn’t happen all the time particularly as these are hand produced crafts. 
Glaze spotting can occur as well as things like brick dust on the items.  So please be aware that although we try to control for these events it is not always possible.  It can be the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. 
Sometimes, if we feel it is safe to do so, we will re-fire the pottery to try to fix glazing issues. 
In the exceptional event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln we will offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher.