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Give the gift of creating this Christmas, with Gift Vouchers available in-store, or over the phone🎁

Whether it's to have a go on the potters wheel at our taster throwing, to build something fabulous in one of our evening classes, or to paint some beautiful pottery from our wide selection, vouchers are the perfect gift for any age.

Pop in to the shop before 5:30pm on Sunday 23rd December to buy yours, or if you need it posted, call us before 6pm on Wednesday 19th December to ensure it will get there in time! Merry Christmas!

Staff Pick: November Events

We know we’re probably biased, but we truly think Brighton is one of the best cities ever! 

From parks to beaches, from piers to pavilions, and bars to cafes, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your age or interest. 

We’ve put together a few things we’re excited to see are happening around Brighton next month. We hope to see you there!

Our visit to the 'Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up' exhibition

As you may have gathered from our earlier posts or visits to us - we are fans of Frida Kahlo! So when we found out that there was an exhibition of her personal artefacts and clothing at The Victoria and Albert museum in London, we patiently waited until we could go together - luckily they have a late night on a Friday.



There is lots to see including photos, videos, and her clothing. The severity of her physical condition was brought home to us by the extraordinary body braces needed to keep her body together and functioning.


The exhibition provides a powerful reminder of her strength of character, her vulnerability and the contradictions that together sum up the amazing creative talent of Frida Kahlo. The exhibition is running until the beginning of November. Make sure you don't miss it!


Celebrate Brighton Pride with some pottery painting!

We love Brighton Pride! The joy, the inclusivity, the bright colours, it’s everything we love to celebrate here at The Painting Pottery Cafe. 

handle switch.jpg

‘Colour My World’ is Brighton Pride’s theme this year – a celebration of all the elation and vibrancy within the LGBTQ+ community. Whatever you paint can be a representation of your identity and what Pride means to you, and we’ll provide everything you need to colour YOUR world on your pottery masterpiece. We’ve got loads of brightly coloured paints, tons of images, and ideas galore to help you out!

Sound like your kinda thing? Then gather the gang, ‘cause on Thursday 2nd August we’d love you all to come and paint a mug, bowl, or plate for just £25pp. 

Hen Party 1.jpg

This event will be the perfect way to get into the Pride swing of things, preparing you for the wonderful weekend. We'll be providing nibbles, and of course it's BYOB so you can pop a bottle or two in celebratory style, and get those creative juices flowing. 

To top it all off, we’ll have your pottery ready to take home with you on Sunday afternoon as a souvenir of your glorious weekend of sunshine, rainbows, and celebrations.  

We can’t wait to see you there! 

Happy Birthday Frida!

We enjoyed a wonderful night with fellow Frida lovers last Thursday as we invited our customers to spend an evening painting Frida Kahlo inspired pottery. Unloading the kilns this week has been exciting, as each colourful mug, bowl or plate emerges, decorated in homage to the inspirational Mexican artist.


We had food, drink, brooches, party hats, music and of course, pottery! Thank you so much to everyone who came, together a wonderful night to remember was created, the perfect way to celebrate the July birthday of Frida Kahlo.


We've got some similar plans for future evening events in the works, so make sure to keep up-to-date via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or sign up to our newsletter via the subscription box at the bottom of the page!

A Frida Kahlo Pottery Painting Evening!

If you've ever visited us before, no doubt you would have spotted numerous homages to Frida Kahlo dotted about the shop. And there's a reason for that; we absolutely LOVE her. We don't know if it's her attitude to life, or the honesty in her art, or perhaps something else altogether; but we find her and her work incredibly inspiring. 


So with Frida's birthday month of July coinciding with the new exhibition at the V&A, we saw the perfect opportunity to dedicate an evening to the lady who motivates us so much. On the 12th July we will be hosting an evening of pottery painting, with nibbles, BYOB, free Frida-esque portraits by guest illustrator Fern Eleanor, fancy dress (optional), flower hats and hopefully... Frida Fun!

Last week we put in our new Frida Kahlo window display which we've all been working on over the past couple of months. We've loved watching all the people passing-by stop and point out their favourite Frida to each other, and we hope our pieces can be at least half as inspiring to you as Frida is to us! It's much more impressive to see in the flesh, but if you can't make it down to see, here's a photo (apologies for the reflections - we're unable to control the bright and sunny heatwave England is currently experiencing, but we can't really complain!)


So if the sound of an evening painting Frida-inspired pottery with friends sounds appealing to you, buy your tickets at £23pp to paint a mug, plate or bowl via Eventbrite here, give us a ring on 01273 628 952, or you can pop into the shop to buy them. We're really excited and if you're coming, hopefully you are too!

It's sure to be a great night.

Language School Pottery Painting!

lots of mugs.jpg

We offer a great morning or afternoon painting souvenirs of your days in Brighton, from walks along the Palace Pier, to exploring the grandeur of the Royal Pavilion, perhaps the beach huts in Hove caught you eye, or maybe you went up the dizzying heights of the i360. Painting your special memories onto a mug are the perfect way to 'capture' a moment in time. 

2016-08-01 13.44.41.jpg
We received our mugs last Friday, just before our half term holidays and all our students were so delighted! It has been a great experience again, even for the teachers!

I am longing to read their diaries and discover which activity or visit they preferred, surely the mug painting!!! I’ll tell you about!!
— Agnes, French school group

Father's Day - 17th June

father's day stuff.jpg

Prints, portraits, plates, paint, pottery...pappas! All the best things in the world, and all something we cater for! 

This week we've had some really adorable pottery come through our kilns for some very lucky dads, but there's no pressure if you haven't sorted your gift out yet, because you still have plenty of time to come by the shop and do some painting!  To be ready for the day we'd recommend coming before the 14th June.

Make a masterpiece mug with a message of appreciation, blow him away with a beautiful bowl covered in handprints, or paint a portrait on a plate...there's so many options to choose from! (Insider knowledge: most people pick out really huge mugs for their dad, apparently dads are giant tea guzzlers across the board? Who knew!

If you like to give gifts that are more about having an experience together, then book in to come for a painting session! Alternatively (for 12+ yrs), we offer taster throwing sessions which are a really hands-on, fun way to spend some time with dad, learning how to make a couple of small pots on the potters wheel, which you can come back to paint a couple of weeks later together. We sell gift vouchers in the shop, or over the phone on 01273 628952.

And last, but certainly not least, on Father's Day, we will have complimentary coffee and cake for any dad visiting us, so really, can there be a better way to spend the day together? We can't think of one.

Celebrating 9 years together? Pottery is the answer!

Recently we've had an influx of customers visiting us looking for gifts for their partners as they celebrate 9 years together. We're a little embarrassed to admit we didn't know that the traditional gift for a 9 year anniversary is actually pottery!


We think it's wonderful that after nearly a decade together, you gift each other pottery, and this is made even more wonderful by how the two things mirror each other. From the truly organic, natural state of clay, you form and shape and mould something beautiful to cherish forever, much like a relationship (sorry, that was a little cheesy!).


So if you have your anniversary coming up, what better way to celebrate than dropping by and picking up a gift voucher for your partner so you can both come in and have a go at Taster Throwing. Perhaps you could spend a romantic afternoon painting something together to mark the occasion, or you could even plan further ahead and come and paint a gift for them to open on the big day. 

We can't think of a lovelier celebration than creating a memento together to last.

A Royal Weekend!


Have you stopped by to take a peek at our Royal Wedding window display? If not - make sure to this weekend! We've decked it out with all our best British painted pottery, and although we're not sure the real Royal event will feature a Wedding March of dinosaurs and garden gnomes, our version does!

Today we're also going to be serving up some Prosecco to celebrate the big day, so make sure you give us a ring and make a booking, and your painting session will be made even merrier than usual! There will be some specially painted ceramic hearts to remember the day by as well - there's a limited amount, so make sure to get in quick! 

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, have a wonderful day!


Mental Health Awareness Week - The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Pottery

The most popular sentence we hear from our customers is "this is so relaxing." And that's because it is! Taking a few hours out of your day to sit down, get your creativity engaged, and focus on using your hands to 'make' something, can do wonders in terms of relieving stress. 

(The other sentences we hear regularly are "two forks please!" when ordering our carrot cake, or "is the number 5 paint really going to turn red?").

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.17.55.png

Most waking hours we are 'connected' or 'plugged in' - unable to escape from thoughts of our work, our social media presence, and what's going on in the world. Even in laid-back Brighton, where everything moves a little slower and there is a "more relaxed vibe.”,  we're all on-the-go. Britain is apparently "in the grip of a stress epidemic", and finding ways to relieve that stress has never been more important.


This is where clay work and pottery painting comes in! All you need to do is google the link between mental health and pottery, and you'll see articles and websites galore on the subject. Health Fitness Revolution, a popular magazine and online platform, explains that when on the wheel "your mind and body are in natural synergy, wrapped around your creative ambitions and goals." It's this that allows you to move away from all outside worries and focus purely on what you are creating.


At The Painting Pottery Cafe we also love to listen to calming, classical music whilst we make. If you've visited us before, you'll notice we play Classic FM all-day, everyday. It helps you to lose yourself in your pottery 'moment'; it's non offensive, not too in-your-face, and totally relaxing. One of our favourite classical musicians is Ludovico Einaudi, we've picked out a song for you to have a listen to here if you'd like! --->


So, if you're ever feeling stressed or overworked, schedule out a bit of time to come and visit us, throw a pot, paint some pottery, have a slice of cake, and listen to some relaxing music. We promise it will be the mental break you need.

Holly's Trip To Soller!

Wherever we go, we're always on the lookout for interesting ceramics and art. Sometimes it's unavoidable, and will follow us around on our holidays! Our potter, Holly, recently just returned from a short visit to Soller in Spain. Whilst there, she decided to pop into the train station, and lo and behold, she found herself in a Picasso Ceramics exhibition! 

One of her favourite pieces by Picasso is the quirky and fun Fish jug, which only the other day we were discussing in the shop, and to her surprise there it was in the exhibition! Holly admitted to getting a little emotional; after all, she wasn't expecting to stumble across one of her favourite pieces of pottery whilst searching for a station toilet! 


It makes us wonder - what sort of amazing exhibitions are there out there that are waiting to be happened upon, and have you ever been pleasantly surprised to find something special somewhere you weren't expecting?