The Fabulous Work of Yayoi Kusama

I would like to introduce Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who has been influencing the contemporary art scene for nearly 70 years.  Her early work can be considered a precursor to pop art and feminist art movements. She influenced the likes of Warhol and Segal.


I first encountered her intriguing work on a visit to the amazing art trail on the Seto Inland Sea islands.  Her iconic Pumpkin sculptures steal the show on Naoshima Island but the whole experience is unforgettable.


 As such I lament the fact that I am discussing this late in the day as her exhibition of illuminated pumpkins and gorgeous mirrored infinity rooms has now finished in London.  But do please remember her name and look out for future exhibitions and if you are lucky enough to visit Japan, as I was,  there are several permanent exhibitions of her work.  Truly memorable! The exhibition continues in Atlanta US until February 19.

Pumpkin mirrors.jpg