Celebrating 9 years together? Pottery is the answer!

Recently we've had an influx of customers visiting us looking for gifts for their partners as they celebrate 9 years together. We're a little embarrassed to admit we didn't know that the traditional gift for a 9 year anniversary is actually pottery!


We think it's wonderful that after nearly a decade together, you gift each other pottery, and this is made even more wonderful by how the two things mirror each other. From the truly organic, natural state of clay, you form and shape and mould something beautiful to cherish forever, much like a relationship (sorry, that was a little cheesy!).


So if you have your anniversary coming up, what better way to celebrate than dropping by and picking up a gift voucher for your partner so you can both come in and have a go at Taster Throwing. Perhaps you could spend a romantic afternoon painting something together to mark the occasion, or you could even plan further ahead and come and paint a gift for them to open on the big day. 

We can't think of a lovelier celebration than creating a memento together to last.